Jim "Mr. H-A-P-P-Y!!!" Atkinson

Jim is the author of eleven books: HAPPY GAMES, More HAPPY GAMES, The Completely HAPPY After School Program Handbook, Sports for the FUN OF IT!, MORE Sports for the FUN OF IT! Everything We've Learned or Remembered Since We Became H-A-P-P-Y!!!, You Hired 'Em, NOW WHAT?!, FREE to P.L.A.Y.! and A to Z with GENeration WHY?!

Jim has presented over 1,300 workshops/keynotes in the past 26 years to numerous local, state, national and international organizations. He is best known for his motivational and games workshops, although he does workshops and presentations on just about every facet of recreational programming including staff issues, team development, club/activity development, behavior modification, summer programs, sports programs and after school program development.

Previous presentations include: